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Galina Hallo, my name is Galina Solovieva. I am a Russian woman renting out rooms in my apartment since 1996, with seven beds available in a historic neighborhood around Chistiye Prudy, or Clean Ponds in a very city center of Moscow. Dorm beds are RUB 400/ 9 per person per night, Twin room is RUB 1000/ 23 per room per night.

My flat was mentioned in several guide-books and many newspapers. There are some reviews, for examples, from Lonely Planet Russia and Moscow city travel-guide author Mara Vorhees and Frommer's Moscow and St. Petersburg authors.

LP: "It is just that - a private, Soviet-era flat with a few extra rooms that Galina rents out. Galina gives travellers the rare opportunity to see inside a typical Russian home - indeed, to be welcomed in and to experience the life of a Muscovite. The close quarters also make it a good spot to hook up with other travellers"

Frommer's: "[Galina] provides the most intimate way of seeing Russian life. Clean though sometimes cramped, Galina's place is a favorite with travelers of all ages looking for personal sightseeing advice, late-night chats over tea, and a decidedly different view of Moscow from the impersonal hotel lobbies found elsewhere"

I does not provide visa support, but I recommend where you can apply online for all needed papers. However I can provide registration once you arrive in Moscow for a fee in RUB 400/ 9.

I do have 2 cats. They are very good. And the last notice - my flat is on the 5th floor and there is no lift. Please bear in mind these two facts. Well, you are very welcome to my place. See you in Moscow. Sincerely yours, Galina

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Galina's Flat
Chaplygina Str 8 -35
Moscow, Russia
Tel: +7 495 621 60 38/+ 7 919 410 41 12
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